Linda Harker was born and raised in the Philadelphia area. She graduated from Temple University in 1966 and has worked in the Social Service Field for 18 years. Her love of photography began as an young adult when she discovered Steichen and Vargus. Her first pictures were taken with 35 millimeter cameras and included everything, from ice on roofs to Mexican sunsets. She was especially influenced by the artwork of Georgia O’keefe.

The photographs presented here reflect both a part of her conscious and subconscious being. The camera lens, especially in her flower portraits, captures the sensuality and beauty in both men and women, as well as, emotions of joy, fragility, vulnerability, love and loneliness.

Ken Nahan, past owner of Nahan Galleries in New York, New Orleans, and Tokyo, as well as current owner of Patinae Inc., says “ her use of distinct vibrant colors, mixed shadows, and distinct proportions punctuate her work, while using meticulously defined lighting effects. She exhibits a light, whimsical, colorful approach to the art of photography.” Linda has shown her work in galleries in both Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Linda uses Adobe Photoshop as a darkroom, to process and enhance her digital camera works. She is now working with the Fuji 12 megapixel SLR Camera.